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Kevin Kelly

Dr. Kelly is the Educational Advisor at the Association of College and University Educators. He serves as a Lecturer in Education at San Francisco State University, where he has taught graduate and undergraduate classes since 1999, and has taught at Santa Clara University as well. Throughout almost 20 years in higher education, Kelly has advanced and supported professional development efforts for higher education faculty and campus leaders.


Fostering Equity, Connectedness and Inclusion in Your Courses With Universal Design for Learning and Design for Learning Equity


It's easy to fall into the "one size fits all" trap when we build courses and course activities. It's challenging to design and facilitate course experiences that are equitable and inclusive, and

that foster human connection. Different student populations bring different needs to the online environment, may require different approaches to distance education, and/or may face issues like limited technology access or culturally biased content. Together we will address those issues using learning design principles, such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Design for Learning Equity, along with being mindful of human connections in the course