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Faculty Development Training to Improve Online Teaching Skills Post-Pandemic

Presented by:

Salome Kapela-Mshigeni, CSU San Bernardino

This presentation aims to share a case study from a faculty member who went through a 3-week intensive training program to improve their online teaching skills. Using the change management theory, an approach of transitioning students and faculty to achieve better outcomes.

Faculty Development Training to Improve Online Teaching Skills Post-Pandemic


Post pandemic, the demand to deliver online education remained high however many faculty members were still not fully trained nor technologically-savvy to teach classes virtually. Although online education is not a new pedagogy, the increased demand for it post-pandemic was not prepared with adequate, high-capacity IT infrastructure, not enough resources were available to provide faculty help their students become successful. While these resources were immediately provided during the first 3 months of online transition, particularly during lunch hours, some faculty found the efforts to be at odds with their “school or work schedule” and did not attend. Motivated by a faculty development opportunity to complete a course redesign using Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) framework, it is never too late to get a refresher and sharpen up our skills that will help improve and deliver competitive education virtually in the 21st century. workshop two years later. This workshop significantly improved my online teaching abilities. Drawing from qualitative feedback from peer faculty and instructors, I discuss challenges, experiences, and evidence-based recommendations for improvement.


Quality Learning and Teaching, Faculty Development, Online Teaching


Not all faculty were tech-savvy to navigate as students during virtual training.

Majority of faculty lacked the motivation to participate without incentives.

Evidence-based approaches on the delivery of virtual quality education is essential for improvement.

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Faculty Development Training to Improve Online Teaching Skills Post-PandemicSalome Kapela-Mshigeni, CSU San Bernardino
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