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ITLC Lilly Ambassadors are educators whose teaching practice is informed by established pedagogy and who advance teaching and learning through innovative methods. Ambassadors also embody the  “Lilly Spirit of Community” for which our events are renowned.




Ambassadors exhibit the following characteristics

  • Professionalism

  • Mentoring behaviors

  • Leadership

  • Dedication to student learning

  • Knowledge of ITLC Lilly Conferences

  • Attendance at two or more ITLC Lilly Conferences or Institutes




  • Attend networking sessions and receptions, prompting conversation;

  • Offer assistance should fellow attendees have questions or feel “lost” navigating the conference experience

  • Encourage networking between conference attendees, making introductions as appropriate; and

  • Exhibit host-like behaviors that welcome other attendees to the conference; chat with those who attend the conference alone; initiate casual conversations; answer questions about the venue, the conference experience, or expected norms during sessions.




We strive to create events that build community and promote collaborations that extend beyond the conferences into lifelong collegial friendships through:

  • Networking

  • Collaborating

  • Mentoring


2020 Lilly-San Diego Ambassadors


Stephen Bergstrom
School of Business
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Eric Boyer
College of Education & Counseling
Saint Martin's University

Lillian Nave
Center for Academic Excellence
Appalachian State University


Stacey Souther

Department of Psychology

Cuyahoga Community College

Dale Vidmar
Library and Information Sciences
Southern Oregon University



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