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Conferencing with Care


Health & Wellness: Guidelines and Requirements

Please use this page as your resource for the most up to date policies regarding ITLC Lilly San Diego

1/13/22 THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thanks to each and every participant who wore the KN95 mask throughout the conference, for donning sweaters as we opened exterior doors of presentation rooms, thank you for properly washing your hands with soap and water on a regular basis!  Thank you for testing as needed onsite and when you returned home. Thank you for following the best practices of science. Thank you for keeping our community safe. 




1/5/22  Conference Check-in and Greetings You can avoid lines at conference check-in - text or DM us for a meeting time on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning to pick up materials in advance of the conference start.  

We are a tight-knit community but we will avoid hugs and handshakes.  Show your care by greeting friends and colleagues using friendly gestures: signaling a peace sign, a nod of the head, a simple wave of the hand, and as Tyra Banks has taught us, "smize"!  Looking forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels.





1/4/22  We have incorporated fresh air exchange across the schedule of the event. Between sessions, we are able to open exterior doors in presentation rooms for added air exchange. Also, outdoor seating is available for meals with ample indoor seating using social distancing.  Personal hand sanitizers will be given to attendees along with the kn95 mask. Contactless session evaluations have been implemented. Reminders encouraging regular handwashing with soap and water will be given.



1/3/22  As a reminder, each attendee will receive a KN95 mask to be worn while indoors. Session rooms are set with social distancing in mind. Most of the breakout rooms have exterior doors - allowing us to air the rooms between sessions. We have negotiated a supply of self-administered rapid tests to be available at the conference desk.


1/2/21  Let's spread holiday cheer - not germs! Consider scheduling a COVID19 test before traveling.  


1/2/21  Stay current with up to date information

The conference will start on Thursday as scheduled. Receive pertinent updates via text through Remind. View the current program listings using the conference app Sched. The daily schedule and presenter listing will be updated each afternoon and reposted to the webpage.





12/29/21 Preparing for Domestic US Travel

Masks covering the nose and mouth are required on public transportation and within the hotel space.

Please review the CDC guidelines for selecting and caring for masks - Conference attendees will receive a KN95 mask at conference registration.

Bring your vaccination card with you as some local restaurants and businesses may require proof of vaccine for entry.


12/22/21 In-Person Event

We will be hosting the event in person.

Our staff is fully vaccinated and boosted! 

At conference check-in, attendees will be given a KN95 mask for indoor use and hand sanitizer.

Extended breaks (20 minutes) between concurrent sessions are scheduled.

Reminders of respiratory etiquette are posted as well as scheduled reminders for handwashing with soap and water.

Make use of digital tools: Sched and Remind for conference materials and session evaluations.



12/17/21 Online Resources Regarding Travel and Local Covid19 Info

  • Please note the census of this conference is proactively limited to a group of 200

  • ​Mask (covering mouth and nose) is required in all public settings regardless of vaccination status

  • ​Hand sanitizer will be provided along with reminders for regular handwashing with soap and water

  • Contactless conference evaluations and session materials will be provided


Review these resources for additional information:

San Diego County coronavirus information

State of California coronavirus information

San Diego International Airport Travel Policy/Practices

Domestic and International Travel Guidelines, click here.

San Diego County Government Safe Reopening

12/16/21 Conference Culture - what to expect onsite

The entire ITLC Lilly Conference team believes that self-care and wellness are essential aspects of professional development.  With that in mind, we are working to provide you with the best conference experience possible.


Although it is exciting to be around colleagues who care as much about student learning as you do, conferences are exhausting. The schedule is full, and the days are long.  As you outline the sessions you plan to attend, be sure to schedule self-care time. Build in dedicated time to reflect, organize your notes, and decompress. It’s acceptable to pass on a set of concurrent sessions to take care of yourself: rest, hydrate, call the office, call home, or just veg out. Often a short break can reset your day and allow you to enjoy the presentations and conference activities better. The conference app is an easy way to look over session handouts and email presenters any questions about their presentation.


In preparing for the conference, we have kept a vigilant eye on COVID-19 and all variants of interest (including Omicron) and constantly monitoring local health guidelines and CDC recommendations. We are not requiring COVID-19 vaccination to attend, but we strongly suggest that you be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before arriving at the conference. All of the ITLC Lilly staff are fully vaccinated. During the conference, we will provide masks, which are currently required in California whenever a person is indoors. ITLC Lilly purchased KN95 face masks, which will be available when you check in for the conference.  We will also have gentle reminders for handwashing with soap and water and hand sanitizer on site.


We purposefully included more breakout sessions for this conference than we usually would for a conference of this size. The number of sessions will lower room capacity and allow for more distancing for those inclined to do so. There are frequently 20-min breaks between sessions. Southern California weather provides a lovely breath of fresh air - we encourage you to step outside during breaks and enjoy one of the patios or poolside areas.


Remember that taking breaks as you participate in the conference is acceptable and expected. Use these few days both for the growth of teaching skills and as a much-needed time for rejuvenation.

lilly conferences _edited.png
lilly conferences _edited.png
lilly conferences _edited.png
lilly conferences _edited.png
lilly conferences _edited.png
lilly conferences _edited.png
lilly conferences _edited.png
lilly conferences _edited.png
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