David Betancourt


David Betancourt, DMA, is the chair of the Board for the California Community College Council on Staff Development and travels internationally as a creative and dynamic educational consultant to promote pedagogical excellence within multiple teaching and learning environments. His core mission is to engage, equip, and connect educators to create and integrate transformative learning experiences using evidence-based practices. He actively accomplishes this mission by fostering learning environments informed by research on teaching and learning, promoting the tools of teaching, advancing strategic learning initiatives, and facilitating practices that support an integrated educational experience. Dr. Betancourt supports innovative and interdisciplinary approaches when thinking about learning, teaching and technology and promotes initiatives that involve faculty from multiple disciplines and levels.  Professor Betancourt is a strong advocate for the expansive education movement, experiential learning models, service learning, the habits of minds initiative, the growth mindset, and an overarching teaching philosophy that incorporates learning dispositions as central to the educational experience.


As Coordinator of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX) at Cerritos College, Dr. Betancourt developed an extensively vibrant program of professional learning opportunities for the entire college faculty. As a result, the CTX became, and continues to be, a resource for professional learning centers on university and community college campuses throughout the state.  Under his leadership, the CTX was awarded the Outstanding Program Award from the California Community College Council for Staff Development.  He has presented at the California Community Colleges Success Network events, the Professional and Organizational Development Network Conference, the California Community College Council for Staff and Organizational Development Conference, the Basic Skills Initiative Leadership Institute, the Lilly Conference, On Course, the Teaching Professors Conference, CASMEC, SCSBOA, and numerous colleges.


Dr. Betancourt continues a parallel career as a conductor and music educator.  He was recognized as Outstanding Faculty in 2015 and Most Outstanding Faculty in 2016. He holds a DMA in music education from the University of Southern California, an MM in instrumental conducting from Northern Arizona University, and a BM in music education and performance from Berklee College of Music.


The Resilient Professor
Identifiers and Strategies to Recoup the Emotional Cost of Teaching


Our profession is inspiring, enriching, rewarding, and noble.  It can also be draining.  That is because there is an emotional cost to teaching. The resilient professor has found effective strategies to recoup those costs so that they can enjoy a long career of making a difference for students while reaping the benefits that daily self-care can have on their own happiness and success.  Rarely are the challenges and joys of teaching, discussed in terms of emotional cost. Emotional costs encompass joys, victories, success, and other positive life experiences in equal measure as that cost is for challenges, conflicts, and struggles. Resiliency is a characteristic that allows teachers to identify the emotional cost of teaching and targeting strategies that can be implemented to decrease and recoup the emotional cost. While many identifiers and strategies will be offered, this workshop will focus on “when to say yes” as well as exploring healthy perspectives on mindsets associated with the concepts of failure.  The end goal is a resilient teacher than can thrive, sustain, and enjoy a career of giving and serving students.


3 Presentation Objectives:

1. Identify some of the emotional costs of teaching and be aware of strategies to recoup those costs.

2. Be familiar with self-care teaching practices that focus on knowing when to say yes as well as a healthy perspective on mindsets associated with failure.

3. Have at least one cost recouping strategy written down, personalized to their own life/career balance that they plan to implement.