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Jennifer Imazeki


Jennifer Imazeki is a Senate Distinguished Professor and Professor of Economics at San Diego State University where she also serves as the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and Associate Chief Diversity Officer for Faculty Success in the Division of Diversity and Innovation. Dr. Imazeki’s interest in education and good teaching extends beyond the university level. She has worked on several projects to train middle and high school teachers in using economics to teach Common Core skills, and she created an Economics for Teachers course for SDSU undergrads working toward their single-subject teaching credential in social science.

A Touch of Kindness: Building Empathy to Build More Inclusive Classrooms

As instructors, the perceptions, attitudes and beliefs that we bring with us into the classroom can have a major impact on our ability to create a learning environment that truly supports all students. These perceptions underlie everything else we do but we don’t often discuss them explicitly. However, if we never reflect critically on them, there is a risk that whatever pedagogical practices we do adopt could end up being less effective then we hope and intend. In this session, participants will have an opportunity to step back and consider what assumptions we may be making, often unconsciously, about our students, and how those assumptions might manifest in our interactions, policies and practices. 

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