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Mixed photo of Lilly Conference participants are round tables collaborating

This year, we gathered with faculty at the DoubleTree Hotel in Anaheim/Orange, California to network and share evidence-based practices in teaching in learning. Friendships and collaborations were formed and strengthened as participants engaged in presentations and discussions over the 3 day conference. Some participants took advantage of dinner sign ups and made new friends among colleagues as they dined together, while others played board games together in the lobby bar in the evenings, but their dedication showed as everyone gathered the next morning ready to learn more still.

Conference Facts & Numbers

This year, we had around 250 faculty, administrators, and graduate students join us in Anaheim from 135 different institutions in 34 US states, and 3 Canadian provinces!


Roughly 33% of participants were from California, while the other two thirds came from all over the United States and Canada.

Around 50% of the participants at Lilly-Anaheim were presenters.

There were 4 plenary presentations, 50 50-minute concurrent sessions, 33 20-minute concurrent sessions, 10 round table discussions, and 30 poster presentations.

2019 Plenary Presenters

What Participants are Saying

Participants that completed the post-conference evaluation had a lot to say! They praised the event and had many good suggestions for future events.  Out of the participants that completed the conference evaluation:


    100% believe they will be able to implement/use at least one take away gained from the conference.

    99% said the conference experience definitely or mostly met their expectations/fulfilled their reason for attending.

    97% were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall conference (3% neutral, 0% dissatisfied).

    98% were satisfied or very satisfied with the communication with ITLC/Lilly staff (1% neutral, 1% dissatisfied).

    86% were satisfied or very satisfied with the extent to which the conference experience created a sense of
            community throughout the event (14% neutral, 0% dissatisfied).


What did you like best about Lilly-Anaheim 2019?


I was impressed by the opportunities to connect with others… It was an unexpected real benefit of attending.

The quality of the presentations was outstanding. I enjoyed interacting with colleagues and the fact that community
colleges were welcomed.

Networking opportunities between sessions yielded several potential research collaborations.

So many different strategies to engage students! I loved hearing about all the approaches...taught me that I still so
much to learn about teaching.

I enjoyed the intimate nature of the conference and being able to talk to like-minded individuals.

I enjoyed the variety of fields represented, the practical application of the sessions, opportunities to meet with
faculty from across the country. One of the most useful conferences I have attended.

The setting and structure kept everything intimate thus encouraging conversation.

This is truly a supportive environment full of people just like me who are genuinely interested in facilitating
learning in the best way possible.

Everything. This was my first and it surpassed all expectations. Amazing workshops!

I really felt a sense of community at Lilly. I met so many wonderful colleagues from around the country
(and out of the U.S.) and learned something valuable from each one.

People interested in networking and sharing ideas. Nice small group that you get to know over the 3 days.

I loved catching up with people that I met at last year's conference and connecting with new people as well.
I feel like Lilly does a great job at fostering a welcoming and collegial environment.

I gained some ideas for teaching practices that I can incorporate into my own classes.


Improving the Conference Experience


Participants made suggestions for improving the conference and we listened. We value what you have to say and are continuously striving to make our events the best they can be.  

Session length/quality – The shorter 20-minute sessions will change to 30-minute sessions for future events and we are adding some longer 1.5 hour intensive workshops. Because of the increased session lengths, fewer proposals will be accepted as concurrent presentations and thus competition will be steep. Reviewers and staff will work hard to select the best proposals and build an engaging program.


Venue – While some participants loved the venue, others did not. The location of next year’s California conference has not yet been confirmed as we look into the best option for our group. 


More opportunities to network – In addition to the provided meals, hosted reception, facilitated round table discussions, dinner sign-ups, message board within the app, and game night in the lobby that we provided this year, we will also have a welcome reception on the first evening next year to help participants start networking on day one.


Conference Links

 2019 CoSponsors

Special Thanks

Thank you to our presenters and participants who have made the commitment to come to Anaheim for this conference. We appreciate that you have many obligations, both professional and personal, and your presence demonstrates your commitment to your work and to your commitment to the outcome of student learning.

We would also like to wish a special thank you to:
    Our esteemed Plenary Presenters
    Stylus Publishing for contributing all of the books in our book raffle
    Our fabulous Reviewers that read and evaluate proposals
    Our Cosponsoring Institutions that brought teams of faculty
    Milt Cox, who founded the original Lilly Conference on College Teaching nearly 40 years ago

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